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Damm it man it's damm cool love it yarr noice FPS with cool motion but speed is bit too fast and jup too long and yes home screen all are grouped and there is no loading screen plz add that too.
by the way love it

Thanks for playing! The movement is a bit questionable and speedy, I don't really know what went through my head making it but the UI was built for 1080p originally, the next update will fix that though.

thnx boi hope u will make it damm cool and ya plz add entity model killing those green boxes is kinda idiotic 

Will do, just trying some designs that will fit the game.

there's a bug with the start screen where all the buttons/text boxes are all grouped together. other than that it's a promising prototype, maybe add an option menu for in-game where you can tone down the chromatic abbreviation, and add it in when you press the option button.


Thanks for the feedback! The menu bug should be fixed soon, it mainly happens because I based the UI off of only 1080p resolution. The chromatic aberration settings would be great too.

nice megabytes

I know right